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Best Power Only Dispatch Services - Empowering Your Cargo

Power only, also known as “tractor-only” or “bobtail” transportation, is a flexible and efficient approach to cargo hauling. This method involves providing the tractor (the engine and driver’s compartment) without the trailer. The tractor can be hooked up to various types of trailers, depending on the specific cargo requirements. This adaptability makes power-only solutions invaluable in a wide range of industries, from logistics and construction to manufacturing. 


Different Styles of Step Deck Trucks

1. Standard Step Deck

This style features a single drop in deck height, allowing for easy loading and unloading of taller cargo.

2. Double Drop Deck

With two drops in deck height, this design offers even more flexibility for extremely tall shipments.

3. Extendable Step Deck

These trucks come with the added advantage of being able to extend the trailer's length, making them suitable for extra-long cargo.

Different Styles of Power Only Truck

There are several types of power-only services to meet different cargo transportation needs:

Standard Power Only

This style involves using a standard tractor to haul a standard dry van trailer. It’s suitable for transporting a wide range of general cargo, making it one of the most versatile power-only options.


Container Power Only

Tractors in this style are typically equipped with a fifth wheel specifically designed for connecting to shipping containers. Container power-only is often used for intermodal transportation, moving containers to and from ports, rail yards, and distribution centers. 


Flatbed Power Only

Power-only services using flatbed trailers are ideal for hauling oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. These trailers have a flat, open platform with no sides or roof, providing flexibility in transporting various loads, including construction materials and equipment.


Reefer Power Only

Reefer power-only services involve using a refrigerated tractor to transport temperature-sensitive cargo. These tractors are equipped with refrigeration units to maintain specific temperature conditions inside the connected refrigerated trailer.


Specialized Equipment Hauling

Some power-only services are specialized for moving heavy machinery or equipment. This may require specialized trailers, depending on the cargo’s size and weight.


Drop Deck Power Only

Drop deck trailers, also known as step deck trailers, have a lower deck to accommodate taller cargo. Power-only services with drop deck trailers are suitable for transporting goods that exceed standard height limits. 

What You Get

Advantages of Choosing Power Only Truck

Choosing a power only for your freight transportation needs offers several advantages. AJ Dispatch provides professional dispatch service for Power Only type of trailers. 

The ability to connect to different types of trailers allows for the transportation of diverse cargo, from standard dry goods to specialized equipment.
Power-only solutions are often more economical for shorter hauls and when a specialized trailer isn't necessary.
Reduces Downtime
Equipment turnaround is faster, as the same tractor can be used for different types of cargo.
Optimized Routes
The flexibility to select the most suitable trailer for the load can lead to more efficient routes and reduced fuel costs.
Why Choose

AJ Dispatch Service for Power Only Trucking Needs?

AJ Dispatch is your trusted partner for dispatching services in the USA, and our power-only services stand out for these reasons:
Expertise: Our experienced professionals understand the intricacies of power-only transportation, ensuring your cargo is handled with precision.
Nationwide Reach: We have an expansive network, providing reliable power-only services across the nation.
Customized Approach: We tailor our services to your unique requirements, ensuring an efficient and personalized experience.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Our advanced tracking and communication systems keep you informed at all times.
Dedicated Support: Our round-the-clock customer service team addresses your inquiries promptly and professionally.
Reliability: Your cargo's security and timeliness are our top priorities.

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