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Best Reefer Box Truck Services - Keeping Cargo Cold and Fresh

A reefer truck, short for “refrigerated truck,” is a temperature-controlled powerhouse in the transportation realm. Designed to preserve and transport goods that require specific temperature conditions, reefer trucks come equipped with advanced cooling systems. From perishable food items to pharmaceuticals, a reefer truck ensures that your cargo maintains its freshness and integrity throughout its journey.

Reefer Truck

Different Styles of Step Deck Trucks

1. Standard Step Deck

This style features a single drop in deck height, allowing for easy loading and unloading of taller cargo.

2. Double Drop Deck

With two drops in deck height, this design offers even more flexibility for extremely tall shipments.

3. Extendable Step Deck

These trucks come with the added advantage of being able to extend the trailer's length, making them suitable for extra-long cargo.

Different Styles of Reefer Trucks

Reefer trucks come in various styles to accommodate different temperature-sensitive cargoes.

Standard Reefer

A versatile option for general perishable goods transportation.


Frozen Reefer

Set to sub-zero temperatures, ideal for frozen foods and ice-cold cargo.


Dual-Temperature Reefer

Equipped to manage two distinct temperature zones, perfect for mixed loads.

What You Get

Advantages of Choosing Reefer Truck

Selecting a reefer truck through ‘AJ Dispatch Service’ offers several key benefits. We provides professional dispatch service for Reefer box type of trailers. 

Preservation of Freshness
Reefer trucks maintain the required temperature, ensuring goods arrive as fresh as when they are loaded.
Diverse Cargo Compatibility
From dairy products to floral arrangements, reefer trucks cater to an array of temperature-sensitive cargoes.
Quality Assurance
The controlled environment reduces the risk of spoilage, thereby upholding the quality of your products.
Market Expansion
Access new markets by transporting perishable goods over longer distances.
Why Choose

AJ Dispatch Service for Reefer Trucking Needs?

At AJ Dispatch Service, we pride ourselves on being your partner of choice for dispatching services in the USA. Here's why you should entrust us with your reefer trucking needs:
Expert Handling: Our seasoned professionals understand the intricacies of reefer transportation, ensuring your cargo's condition is maintained throughout the journey.
Nationwide Reach: With an extensive network, we provide hassle-free reefer truck services across the nation.
Reliability First: Rest assured, your cargo's safety and punctuality are paramount to us.
Tailored Solutions: We craft solutions based on your specific needs, ensuring a customized and efficient experience.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Our advanced tracking and communication systems keep you informed at all times.
Dedicated Support: Our round-the-clock customer service team addresses your queries and concerns promptly.

Reefer Truck
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