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Navigating Your Logistics Needs

At AJ Dispatch, we offer an array of services designed to align perfectly with your logistics needs. Explore our offerings below to ensure your cargo reaches its destination smoothly.


Power Only

Power only is a good type of equipment to start your business because mostly shippers ...

Reefer Truck Service

Reefer Truck

Keep your supplies in cool air, away from the dangers of heat.

Flatbed Truck Service

Flatbed Truck

Flatbed Trucks are for maximum protection and steady flow.

Step Deck Truck

Step Deck Truck

A step to maintain the movement of supplies and to hold more stock.

Dry Van Truck Service

Dry Van Truck

A rectangular body to maintain all the goods with steady and ease.

Our Specialized Truck Dispatch Services

Get rid of everything that makes you feel uncomfortable in truck dispatching and dealing with an annoying trucking environment. At AJ Dispatch, our comprehensive range of services is meticulously crafted to match your unique logistics requirements. Delve into the list of solutions we provide, guaranteeing a seamless journey for your cargo to its final destination.

Dry Van Truck Service

Efficiently move your goods with our Dry Van truck service. We specialize in securing your cargo within a protected environment, ensuring its safety throughout the journey.

Step Deck Truck Service

When it comes to bulkier shipments, our step deck truck service provides the solution. Our experienced team is skilled in managing larger loads, making sure your goods are transported reliably. 

Flatbed Truck Service

Transporting unconventional cargo? Our Flatbed truck service is tailored for items that don’t fit standard containers. Rely on us to get your unique shipments delivered safely.

Reefer Truck Service

Temperature-sensitive cargo demands extra care. With our Reefer truck service, we maintain the required temperature conditions, ensuring your perishable goods arrive in perfect condition.